The 1.6-million-mile Journey until Earth Day 2011

Today the sky is cheering on the earth, each beam of sun a congratulatory gesture. Yes, grow, grow and become good.

Spring holds so much optimism, and our sins seem to have vanished: SUV commutes, dinners out every other night, long showers. We see no damage from our pleasures, but please look with me beyond the optimism.

The sun cannot cheer a small island made of trash. It cannot cleanse farmland and rivers of harmful field chemicals. We lead broken lives on a broken planet. Still, do not forget the Master’s call to be faithful.

The first task of man–before intercourse and playgrounds and board rooms–was to name the animals, to rule over them in kindness and with justice. In modern day America, we have great desctructive power, but we also have illimitable sources of information on how to temper the damage.

I know that writing this blog–or reading it–is using energy. I am no saint of conservation. I am one lost consumer reaching out, grabbing hold of the very tip of this Truth: Faithfulness means being faithful to that very first call to kindness and justice.

By the way, if you’re planning on observing a dark hour today, you could also consider cutting down on your Google searches. One search has the same energy cost as turning on a 100-watt light bulb for an hour. (And, yes, I had to use Google to find that out.)

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