A Piece

I spent two hours today on an essay, so rather than write something else, I’ll share a bit of that (you may notice a theme forming around this and a few other posts).

Time has a great affinity for pattern: repetition, cycle, season. In small ways, we find ourselves in the same motions weekly, daily: make the bed, close the blinds at dusk, put on shoes before going out, balance the checkbook. Straighten the living room, put gas in the car, buy groceries. Clock hours at work. Call your parents. Shower.

We seem to be created within a world designed for cycle, as days swing in and back out, as the sky grows opaque with rain so that lobes of small plants can blush green. We live and die along with the earth, cycles beginning and ending each moment.

2 Replies to “A Piece”

  1. I'm looking forward to the full essay! I really like all of the discussion of the pendulum-like nature of time in your posts so far. Even better, your stuff always seems to include that rare nod of dignity to the subtle, ordinary routines in daily life.


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