Assess Me

The way I do math is to create some sort of visual image in my head, a tangible shape, a 3-D puzzle in my brain, and then take apart and put together all the pieces until they fit right. Sometimes I can’t get those pieces to fit right.

Which is why I have come to the computer keyboard to loosen the knots all the math I just did tangled my brain into.

I am applying for a job at a medical software company and they are very big on story problems. And assessments in general. Judy, my HR representative, sent up some “pencil and paper assessments” for me to take at the Walker Community Library in Uptown. So today I ventured down the always-busy Hennepin Ave and bustled myself into a smallish, windowless conference room with one working fluorescent light bulb. Speed being a stated factor in the rating of my assessment, there is little I can tell you about that room. Was the table tan Formica perhaps? Was there a clock? Were there six chairs or eight?

There was a girl propped in a wooden chair with a three-part test, an analog watch for time keeping, some cute pink sandals, two pencils, and a broken calculator (I ended up asking for another, which got me one of those receipt calculators that functions very differently than a normal one). It’s been a while since I took a standardized test–the ACT in 2004?

I also got to do a verbal assessment, and I’m sure that went fine. But the math…at least I was applying for a writing position, so maybe they will weight my pristine grammar higher than my lack of math-whiz qualities.

My palms are still a bit sweaty. And the fingernail of my right pointer finger is bitten down to the nub. Perhaps I will never be older than 14 when it comes to taking tests.

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