Ephesians 1:15

One way in which I try to live is this: “endeavor to live in now, not in soon.” I have learned that “soon” never really comes. There is always something we are waiting for, and if we focus on that future (soon I will be married, soon I will finish payments on my car or house, soon I will have the life I want, soon, soon, soon), then we become discontent, and we never find peace.

Still, today I can’t help but look forward. With just over two weeks left working at Northwestern, less than three weeks until we move to Madison, focus in the now-moment is becoming difficult. But I know that today is the only known day; it is the only time I am sure I have. God has given me today, and I can’t be sure he’s given me anything else.

So often I think I need to know God’s long-term plan for me, but the more I learn of his character, the more I see that the long-term plan is the one I have least control over. Over my lifetime and through my many mistakes, God has been faithful to lead me directly to the place he wants me to be. In the day-to-day choices, I can show my faithfulness to and understanding of God’s desires for my life. And often these are the choices that are clearer. Choices like how to treat my co-workers and my family, how much of myself to invest in work and service, and whether to set aside time as a quiet margin of meditation in my busy life. These are the choices—the moments—that define my life and prove my dedication to my convictions.

Keep your eyes focused on today; keep your vision of God’s character clear.

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