The walk began in meditation, paced steps, darkness already a slow turning in the distance though not yet threatening to the day’s dry light. I was calling to the earth with my footsteps, calling through the garden of mazing sidewalk, house, and lawn.

Two blocks out and suddenly the sky misted over in clouds, reached its arms out to bless my forehead.
Caught in its cleansing baptism, the surprise of it laughs and runs. I am the rock, the unmoving and unchanging. The trees and houses dance with the rain. I am swayed by the hilarious beauty of this sudden storm as my t-shirt soaks and sticks to my skin.
Alone with the dazzling gray song, my voice is the wind my feet are drums my eyes are two wells. And I understand the bursting of happiness in heaven that manifests here as this whirling wet world.

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