Isaiah 42:1-9

Justice is not punishing the guilty. Justice is balance, conservation–justice is everything as it should be. A just world is one without carcinogens and SUVs and the term “third world.” Justice is a level playing field.
But who can bring justice? The individual fails in self-service; the collective fails in consumerist competition. I yearn for justice, but I know I have caused so much imbalance through my selfish living, my TV-and-fast-food living.
Yet out of all my sins, I find that I am a captive of grace, receiving an unearned pardon from a patient God. And his grace calls me into justice, asks me for thankful living, for simple living.
Clean foods grown right where I live. Simple products made by transparent companies. If I have the wealth of America, if I have salvation from my own messy, improper life, how can I continue to wallow in injustice? I have been spoken out of ignorance and pointed toward balance. My faith and my God ask me to accept grace and move toward justice.

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